Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fruits de mer/Seafood/Do Bien


  1. I've been to this restaurant with my family, and we have been very disappointed. To be fair the food is good, however the service is terrible. We've waited for 1h30 for the 1st soup to arrive, and let me tell you that being an asian, and having been to asian restaurants all my life, soups (pho) should never take this long. We finally ate our supper very late, and with young children at the table that was not at all convenient. They had to give us free fruits as an apology (cut fruits with no utensils). During the whole dinner, unlike other asian/vietnamese restaurant they did not serve hot tea, nor soya or spicy sauce to accompany our meals, we had to wait forever for the waiter to arrive in order to ask him.

    Overall, though the food is good, it does not compensate for a night of bad service, and frustrating long wait for literally everything.
    I believe that the restaurant was greatly understaffed, so I do not blame the workers there. But really if you open a fine cuisine restaurant and with that price range, they should hire more people.

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